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  Hangzhou Sincerity Power Equipment Co., Ltd (Rejecter Factory, Reactor Factory, and Transformer Factory) is an enterprise professionally producing low-voltage reactive power compensation and harmonic control set system, reactors, transformers, mutual inductors, and automatic control system. With 10500 thousand yuan registered capital, the company is seated Sandun Industrial Park, Xihu District, Hangzhou with location convenience. Its floor area is 10000 sq. m and construction area is 5000 sq. m. it has advanced manufacture equipment and testing instruments to produce transformers and a high-quality personnel team. By absorbing advanced foreign technology and combining its own characteristic craftwork, its products are experiencing constant innovation.
  Our company mainly produces high/low voltage reactive power compensation and harmonic control system, reactors, transformers, mutual inductors, and automatic control system. The high/low voltage reactive power compensation and harmonic control set system mainly include: low-voltage reactive self-compensating equipment, low-voltage passive power filter, active power filter, high-voltage large motor local compensation equipment, high-voltage static concentrating fixed compensation equipment, high-voltage dynamic reactive power compensation equipment, three-phase alternation current reactor, intermediate frequency smoothing reactor etc. Transformers include: various single-phase and three-phase dry-type transformer, OZB series autotransformer, XJ01 auto-transformer starter, TSB-N series transformer, frequency sensitive rheostat, local lighting transformer, safety isolating transformer, intermediate frequency transformer, rectifier transformer etc. In addition, the company has established mutual inductor manufacture department, automatic control system manufacture department and metal-plate processing plant to produce various mutual inductors and system. At the same time, the company provides external metal-plate processing service. The above-mentioned products can be designed and manufactured according to clients’ demand.

  The performance index of our products has reached the state and industrial standards. Our products are distributed across the country and have received good praise. Our company has passed ISO9001-2000 Quality Management System Certification. Our management guideline is: quality comes first; clients are paramount; pursue outstanding achievement; be brave in innovation; take clients as focus; and meeting clients’ demands is our eternal pursuit.

  Our company has won consumers’ trust with exquisite skill, top-ranking quality and sincere service. Our company continues to provide services with good quality for old clients in Zhejiang, Fujian, Hunan, Hebei, Beijing, Chongqing, Jiangxi, Shanxi etc.; at the same time, we provide more advanced products and better service for new market and new clients in Guangdong, Shan’anxi, Xinjiang, Gansu, Sichuan etc.
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